Year view


Context menu

Touch gestures in year view

Month selection

Touch a bar to select the month and show the yields of that month. The selected bar is slightly brightened.

Switch to the month view

Long touch a bar to switch to month view of the selected bar.

Selection of inverter or plant of Solarpark (Pro-Function)

Tap a segment of an inverter or plant to select it for evaluation. The selected inverter or plant is brightened. Only the numerical values of the selected inverter/plant will be displayed.

Selection of inverter in year view

Exit the inverter/plant selection mode by tapping the selected segment.

Selection of month interval via Multi-Touch gesture

Selection of month interval (a quarter) in month view

Select with two fingers an interval of months for evaluation. The selected bars are slightly brightened.

The footer bar contains the following information (Ø = average):

Ø-Yield of days | Estimation achieved in % | Ø daily feed-in payment || Date from to | Yield in interval | Estimation achieved in % | Feed-in payment in interval

Note: The function requires a little practice. Touch with the left finger on the start date and short after with the right finger on the end date. Then: Lift the right finger and short after lift the left finger.

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