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Month view

Context menu of day view

The context menu provides several functions and options depending on the actual view and available data features of the selected system.

The context menu can be accessed via long touch gesture on an empty area or via


Context menu of day view with complete options

Additionally to the general options and buttons of the context menu, the day view's context menu provides the following options and buttons:


Enables the Auto-Zoom function. Auto-Zoom zooms the graphics in this way, that the optical impression of low/high power is preserved. If Auto-Zoom is disabled, then the fix zoom value configured is applied:

Menu->Config->Chart axes>Zoom (Day)

Limitation: Auto-Zoom does not work in today's view, if function "Yield prediction" is active.

[Pdc/MPP-Tracker] (Home- & Pro-Function)

Draws DC power and/or MPP-Tracker power.


(Attention: Function only available with data sources providing the "MPP-Tracker" or "DC data" feature.)

[Inv. efficiency] (Home- & Pro-Function)

Draws inverter efficiency.

The calculation method (Pac/Pdc or Eac/Edc) can be configured:

Menu->Config->Inverter efficiency

(Attention: Function only available with data sources providing the "MPP-Tracker" or "DC data" feature.)

[Power and yield prediction] (Pro-Function)

Activates the calculation of power and yield prediction based on weather forecast. See also: Yield prediction in day view

[Clear Sky Ø-Top] (Pro-Function)

Draws the "Clear-Sky-Curve Ø-Top".

See also: Clear-Sky-Curve Ø-Top

[Dynamic day target] (100% month) (Pro-Function)

Draws dynamic day target (fine dotted line).

See also: Dynamic day target in day view

[Max-Pac] (Home- & Pro-Function)

Draws vertical fat lines, which shows time and maximum of power curve (Pac).


Special function for Kostal Piko inverters. See also: Final-Button - Kostal Piko inverter

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