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Context menu (general)

The context menu provides several functions and options depending on the actual view and available data features of the selected system.

The context menu can be accessed via long touch gesture on an empty area or via


Context menu of day view with complete options

Each view has it's own context menu. Read the special functions provided by the context menu for the following views:

The following general buttons and options can be found in all context menus mentioned above:

[↑] and [↓] ( Select plant)

Select plant by moving up and down in plants list.

[≡] (Plants list)

Opens the plants list.


The "Sync" functions performs several tasks in SolarAnalyzer's data management.

Note: The "Sync" function can be limited to the last 90 days:

Menu->Config->Plant settings->Fast sync


Special function for Kostal Piko inverters. See also: Final-Button - Kostal Piko inverter


Opens the main menu.


Opens the app configuration menu.

[Yield curves Eac]

Switches visibility of energy curve in day view.

Switches visibility of cumulative yield curves in month, year and total view.

[PV Estimation]

Switches visibility of rough dotted lines of the Photovoltaic system estimation.

[Absolute values]

Switches diagram axes presentation between absolute values (kW or kWh) and specific values (kW/kWp or kWh/kWp).

[Power Meter]

Switches visibility of total power consumption data. (Free)

Switches visibility of self consumption or grid import/export data. (Home & Pro)

(Attention: Function only available with data sources providing the "Power consumption" feature.)

[Total/Self consumption] and [Import/Export] (Pro-Function)

Switches between presentation of "Total and Self consumption data" and "Grid import and Grid export data".

(Attention: Function only available with data sources providing the "Power consumption" feature.)

[Draw inverters/plants separately] (Pro-Function)

Draws inverters/plants separately. Function "Power Meter" in context menu must be turned off to get this option available.

(Attention: Function only available with Solarparks or data sources providing the "Separate inverter data" feature.)

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