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Enter photovoltaic system estimation

Data logger "Solar-Log" provides photovoltaic system estimation automatically (except direct data access from FW 3.x and above). For all other data sources SolarAnalyzer has configured a demo estimation. Users should replace the demo estimation with the specific estimation for the individual system.

Users from Europe/Africa-Asia may use the tool PVGIS to calculate an estimation for location, azimuth and slope.

Users from other territories request the individual estimation from system's installer.

PVGIS parameters for PV estimation calculation.
Attention: Leave "Installed peak PV power at 1"! SolarAnalyzer recalculates it for the system's size internally.

Go to:

Menu->Config->Plant settings->PV-Estimation

Enter PVGIS results (column "Em") month by month into dialog.

PVGIS results

If PVGIS cannot be used (users from "other territories"), you have to enter the estimation given by installer in specific form (kWh/kWp). If only kWh for each month were given, just divide the estimated yield by plant's size. (Example for 5.2 kWp system: Est June = 538 kWh -> 538 / 5.2 -> 103.4 kWh/kWp)

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