SolarAnalyzer supports data import from SolarEdge-Portal.

  1. Go to:

Menu->Config->Plants list->Add->SolarEdge-Portal

  1. Enter Site-ID and Site-API-Key

  1. Click "Load"

Create API-Key

First the API access has to be enabled in SolarEdge-Portal and API-Key has to be created.

Login to SolarEdge-Portal https://monitoring.solaredge.com/

Site Admin -> Site Details tab -> API Access

  1. Check box "SolarEdge API Terms & Conditions".

  1. Click "New API Key"

  1. Note API-Key and Site Id

  1. Click "Save" (IMPORTANT!!!)

If Site Admin tab cannot be found in your Solar-Edge portal you may request your API-Key and Site Id from the installer of your system or directly at SolarEdge-Support. If the API-Key obtained does not work, the creator of the key has forgotten to click on "Save" (see 4).

Supported Data-Features:


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