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SMA Sunny Explorer csv-files

Data import from external homepage

  1. Go to:

Menu->Config->Plants list->Add->SMA Sunny Explorer

  1. Enter Base-URL of homepage, e.g. or the full path of a csv-file e.g. Plant-20141206.csv

  1. Click "Load"

  1. Enter filename prefix. Example:

Filename: My PV-Plant 1-20120315.csv

-> Filename prefix: My PV-Plant 1-

  1. Enter generator peak power for each inverter found.

Note: If entered the Base-URL of a homepage only, SolarAnalyzer tries to load the csv-file from yesterday, so this file must be online. Otherwise enter the full path of an old csv-file, see (2).

Tip: Use the Batch-Skript by A. Reiber or ZonPHP, to automatically export yield data from Sunny Explorer and upload the files to an external homepage.

Supported Data-Features:


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