Hyperion for Kostal Piko inverters



Kostal Piko inverter

SolarAnalyzer support data import from inverter's internal data logger.

First ensure, that the inverter's internal homepage can be accessed by entering it's IP address in Android's Webbowser (Wifi turned on) and login with the credentials.


  1. Then go to:

Menu->Config->Plants list->Add->Kostal (IP-Address)

  1. Enter IP address or DynDNS-URL of inverter device

  1. Click "Login" an enter credentials of internal website (see manual of inverter).

  1. Click "Load"


Historic data can be imported by pressing 2x Menu->Sync. Automatic intra-day data refresh only at minutes 2, 17, 32 and 47. Use "Final"-Button to save today's curve into cache after sunset or import the curve on next day via 2x Sync.

Supported Data-Features:


Save today's curve. The button can be found in the context menu of day view.


Use this function only after sunset and when the curve shown is complete from sunrise to sunset without any dropouts. This is a workaround for the necessity, to re-import today's curve on next day to ensure completeness of curve data.


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